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Broadway for All Round 2!

On Friday, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the 2018 batch of emerging playwrights with Broadway for All in NYC! It's always humbling to work with writers on new works - and especially humbling to work with teens who are sharing their work publicly for the first time. Ever.

What an articulate, brave, concerned, curious, vulnerable, amazing group of teens.

They wrestled with patriarchal cultural dynamics, alcoholism, gender identification, the apocalypse, and God. (Just an ample array of existential quandaries, here. Not for the faint of heart, folks!)

At the close of the performance, Broadway for All founder Osh Ghanimah rolled off the following statistic:

"Only 21% of produced playwrights in this country are female-identifying"

But look at these beauties!

Six of our seven playwrights were women! Our seventh writer is an awesome Latinx student who wrote a bilingual play in English and Spanish, challenging the status quo as well.

And guess what? The audience was with them every moment of the way.

Audiences enjoy diverse, bold, and honest stories. Let's keep giving 'em to them!

So, here's to kids asking the questions they need to ask and shaping the American theatrical landscape by doing so.

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